Letting your home?

”With Expat Housing Rentals the cost of maintaining two homes can be compensated”

Reliable tenants

Logo_EHR_NL (2)The (temporary) letting of your home can be realized easily and quickly by Expat Housing Rentals. Many homeowners bought a new home while their old home had not been sold yet. If this situation lasts longer than expected, the homeowners often start to look for a possibility to reduce the cost of maintaining two homes. As a possible option to reduce these costs they soon think of temporary letting >Expat Housing Rentals offers you help in letting your home.

No nonsense!

Because we do business on a small scale, each property gets the attention it deserves. No impersonal files, but a regular follow-up as required and tailored to the client. No sales pitch to make your ears tingle, but a clear explanation of our service and the location of your home in today’s market. Here is a realistic pricing is necessary. For us it is important that your house gets a new tenant within a reasonable time. Obviously, the conditions you imposed on us

Do you have a home you want to let quickly? This involves quite a lot, because you are entering a troublesome market with rules and regulations that are liable to change. How much rent can you ask? What do you have to take into account? Expat Housing Rentals is always well informed of the latest market development. If you wish to let your home, one of our qualified staff members will visit you for an intake interview without any obligation, during which all options are discussed. You as a homeowner will receive our advice and some tips on possible improvements to your home. Your home will become attractive to the right tenants. You may let your home partly or wholly furnished.

Letting a house is realized in four steps. We support you of charge through all the four stages.

Stage 1: Putting the house on offer
Stage 2: Viewing
Stage 3: Acceptance
Stage 4: Key transfer

Curious about the chances of your rental property? Please, contact us. We like to be of service to you.