Rental process

Rent with care

Once you have made your choice, we take care of the negotiations with the landlord with a clear and solid tenancy agreement in mind. Of course we also like to be of service to you when you are checking in and – when leaving the house – you are checking out. A successful intermediation will lead to a temporary tenancy agreement. You will only be charged for our brokerage services, if Expat Housing Rentals has managed to conclude a tenancy agreement for you.

The keys are handed over to you as soon as the agreements have been signed and the following payments have been made:

1. first month’s rent (or part of the first month’s rent)

2. deposit (usually equal to one month’s or two months’ rent

3. the one-off service fee (contract+administration) to Expat Housing Rentals

Be well-advised and opt for Expat Housing Rentals.